Lindsay Johnson is a Designer and Art Director based in Seattle, Washington. Currently designing at Amazon with the XCM team, previously at Wieden+Kennedy.



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Design, Illustration


Major League Baseball (MLB) Brand World

AGENCY: Wieden+Kennedy
ROLE: Designer, Illustrator
YEAR: 2022-2024
Working with the MLB design and creative teams at Wieden+Kennedy, I helped craft and define the new look and feel of MLB and how the sport shows up in the world in the modern era. 

 *More to come!

Shohei Ohtani  AL MVP 2023  Social Post

I had the opportunity to team up with Wieden + Kennedy’s social arm, Bodega, to create a commemorative illustration of the one and only Shohei Ohtani on his AL MVP award for MLB’s main Instagram feed. The post was not only approved by MLB, but the Angel’s and Shohei himself (he even reposted it on his own account).

Instagram Post  Here

Baseball Is Something Else (2023)

The Wieden+Kennedy MLB team wanted to find a fun way to celebrate not only everything that makes baseball, baseball but to bring light and excitement to the new rules changes coming into motion this year. Through Bobbleheads, we heroed our favorite players nodding to, rocking to and honestly — bobbing to the rules changes. The consensus is as follows that baseball’s new rules changes are, indeed, something else.

Film Signage (had some fun nodding to the team that worked on the spot)

Typography studies for MLB banner assets and film end cards